Multiple Memberships

From: $30.00 / year per member

If you need to purchase different types of membership accounts, you should create separate teams.

For each purchased membership, you will be given a link to provide to the member you are purchasing the membership for.

Prior to providing the user with their membership link:

  • You should instruct each individual that you are registering accounts for to create their profile here.
  • Instruct the individual to login to the account they created prior to visiting the link you provide.

If you would like to fill out the information on behalf of the member you are purchasing the account for, you will need to copy the link and then open the URL in a new private or incognito window in your browser. From there you can enter the individuals profile details and may log out when complete.

You may also assign yourself a membership by checking the box next to the message ‘Take up a seat’.

Need information on the different membership levels and what they cost? Click here.


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