10 Ways to Make a Difference

Not every PA can commit the same amount of time or energy to the PSPA but every PA can do something to help the PA profession and ultimately the patients that we serve. Here is our TOP TEN ELEVEN LIST of how you can make a difference. See how many you can do!

11. Provide discount prescription cards for your patients. Every PSPA member physician assistant, affiliate hospital and clinic is eligible. Information regarding the FREE prescription drug cards for their patients. is available. You may also have patients call 800 726 4232 or ask their pharmacist to use the Pennsylvania Drug card with code PARXPSPA

10. Join or renew your membership in the PSPA.  Your membership allows us to have a strong professional organization to promote the physician/PA team model of practice. Encourage your colleagues to join or renew as well.

9. Be the best clinical PA you can be. Your expertise in clinical practice will gain the respect of your patients and the medical professionals around you and clear the way for the most effective use of the Physician/PA team. Consider attending the PSPA Conference or Regional CME programs to keep up to date with the latest in clinical medicine.

8. Mentor a PA student. Proficient new graduates promote our profession and help your cause in the long run. Contact the PA Program nearest you to help educate the future members of our profession or sign up with PA Shadow Online to allow students to shadow you for a day.  Remember that precepting is good for CME II credit!

7. Contribute to the PSPA Political Action Committee (PAC). The Board encourages all PAs to contribute to the PAC . By law the PSPA can support the activities of the PAC, but only your personal donations may be contributed to a political campaign. The PSPA has an aggressive legislative and regulatory agenda and the PAC helps to “Positively Change Legislation Through Education”.

6. Contribute to the PSPA’s charity effort. Each year the PSPA chooses a philanthropic effort in the host conference city. This is just another way for PAs to make a difference in their communities. Click here to read about PSPA’s annual charity.

5. Educate others about your profession. Take every opportunity to educate other health care professionals and the public about the benefits of the Physician/PA team model of practice. Make a commitment to write one article for a local newspaper or organization’s newsletter. Distribute information to one person or group about the PA profession. Doing this is easy if you check out the public relations information that the PSPA offers.

4. Be an advocate for your patients. Take a stand in your community on issues that affect your patients. Examples may be promoting healthy school lunches in your school district or supporting healthy community initiatives such as smoke free public places. Participate in local charity or health awareness efforts. Run for local office or school board. Let everyone know that PAs are out there making positive changes in their communities.

3. Contact your Legislators. Click here to find out who your state and federal legislators are. Meet with your legislators at his or her own office to introduce yourself and the PA profession. Then watch the legislative center and PSPA’s Government Affairs page and contact your legislators when important issues arise that affect our profession. Always send a copy of any correspondence to the PSPA so we can follow up.

2. Volunteer for a PSPA Committee.The PSPA committees do invaluable work for the Society and the PA profession. New members and new ideas are always needed. Contact the Committee Chairperson of the various committees to get more information or to volunteer.

1. Run for a PSPA Office. Maybe you are happy with the direction that the PSPA is going and would like to keep that momentum going. Maybe you think something isn’t being addressed as much as it should be and we need to change our priorities. Either way, the PSPA needs good strong leaders to guide the organization into the future. Now may be the time for you to “step up to the plate” and run for PSPA office!