Legislative Visits

I am pleased to announce that, in recent years, many of our members have made visits to our PA-friendly legislators as well as some new legislators who hold important positions on house and senates committees that greatly affect our practice issues. Many thanks to our membership for meeting with our law makers and taking the time to inform them of our profession and how relevant legislation impacts the medical care of Pennsylvanians.

PamMinardi 5-10-16

Pam Minardi PAC chairman with Senator Jake Corman – Senate Majority leader,  May 10, 2016.



Governor Tom Corbett signing Act 100 and 101 to permit liberalization of countersignature of PA patient records and development
of a Temporary Authorization to Practice under the State Board of Medicine and State Board of Osteopathic Medicine. In attendance, House of
Representative Curt Sonney, Pam Minardi, PA, Katie Kugler, PA-C, Beverly Zuccarello, PA-S, Doug Macut, PA-C and Lobbyist Lydia Messner.

PAs - Pam Minardi
Pam Minardi attends luncheon honoring Rep. Dave Reed (House Majority Leader).

LowryPileggi dinner

State Senator and Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (9th district Chester and Delaware Counties) with Bob Lowry, PA-C


State Senator Kim Ward (39th district Westmoreland County) with Pam Minardi, PA-C


Pam Minardi, PA-C, Rep. Frank Dermody (Majority Whip, 33rd Legislative District, Allegheny County) and Katie Kugler, PA-C


Pam Minardi, PA-C with Rep. Matt Baker (House Health Committee Chairman, 68th Legislative District)


Photo Ops

If you have photos with your Representative, State Senator or PA-friendly legislator, please let us know at pspa@pspa.net.