The PSPA is embarking on a public education plan involving the state senators and representatives for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The message behind the campaign is to help educate these legislators about the concept of the Physician Assistant.

A standardized packet of information will be prepared for each legislator. A PA in their legislative district will be contacted to deliver this packet of information to their local office. Scheduling an appointment will potentially ensure that the PA may be able to have some time to meet with the legislator or their aide. By being one of their constituents who would be familiar with the health care market for their area, a greater impact will be made. The topic for discussion is the education and utilization of Physician Assistants. By providing this basic information, the legislator will gain a working knowledge of PAs. As health care legislation crosses their desk, they may review it with a better understanding and a more open eye.

In those instances where the PA is unable to make a visit because of time restraints, a phone interview with the legislator followed by a letter on your office letterhead may be a step in the right direction. That legislator may contact you in the future for input on health related issues or legislation. In that event, a PSPA staff person would be available for assistance or to possibly accompany you on any needed meetings.

Now is the time to approach our legislators and make them our allies. Accurate information and a firm handshake may prove invaluable in the future.

Please volunteer for theĀ Get to Know Your Legislator Campaign!