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NJ Licensee PHARMA Restrictions

Please note that as of January 16, 2018 the state of New Jersey issued a new regulation that limits NJ Prescribers (including Physician Assistants) acceptance of items of value from pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure that such relationships do not interfere with the prescribers’ independent professional judgement. This rule includes a meal limit of $15 per person, even outside of NJ. Pharmaceutical companies are obligated to report all transfers of value, including the provided meal at this program which would be accepted by your attendance and receipt of meal and refreshment. PSPA recommends that NJ Prescribers consult their own attorney on any specific questions about the NJ Rule and its applicability to their practice. NJ Prescribers can also be referred to the rule on the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs website:

Date:   October 23-26, 2019
Name of conference:   44th Annual PSPA Fall CME Conference
Provider: Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants
Location: Lancaster Marriott, Lancaster, PA

Evidence-Based Prescribing: Tools You Can Use to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

The Pennsylvania Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is offering an education curriculum for prescribers on best practices for using the PDMP and on how to address substance use disorder with patients. The PDMP invites you to participate in these complimentary courses that will address the following topics:

  • Module 1: Why Using the PDMP is Important for Achieving Optimal Health
  • Module 2: How to Integrate the Use of the PDMP into the Workflow to Make Clinical Decisions
  • Module 3: Using the PDMP to Optimize Pain Management
  • Module 4: Opioid Prescribing Guidelines
  • Module 5: Referral to Treatment for Substance Use Disorder Related to Opioid Use
  • Module 6: Approaches to Address Patients’ Substance Use Disorder
  • Module 7: Effective Opioid Tapering Practices

Visit the PDMP education website for more information and full course offerings

Education modules are hosted online by TRAIN PA – you can find them by clicking on the link or searching for “PA-PDMP” in the course catalog. You may also be eligible to receive on-site education through PDMP contracted educators. This education is provided at no cost to you by the PDMP, and continuing medical education (CME) credits are available to qualifying participants.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has designated a maximum of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for each module. The University of Pittsburgh is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

Additionally, the modules can be used to meet the following CME requirements:

  • Act 124 Pain Management: Module 3
  • Act 124 Prescribing Practices for Opioids: Modules 4 and 7
  • Act 124 Identification of Addiction: Modules 5 and 6
  • Patient Safety/Risk Management: Modules 1–7

Note: A provider cannot use the same module to meet both the Act 124 and Patient Safety/Risk Management requirements.

Please reach out to with any questions.


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