Pre-Employment Checklist

Please use the following check list to remind you of important issues to consider when searching for a job, interviewing, and writing an employment contract.

Hours / Locations

  • Number of office locations?
    Will PA work in all locations?
  • Regular Hours of Operation?
    Expected number of hours of work per week?
  • On-call schedule: Flexible?
    By phone or in person?
    Have to go to office, ER, nursing home?
    Has compensation for these been clearly specified?
  • How will holidays be covered?
  • Weekends begin and end at what time?


  • Type of work the PA wants to do?
    Physician’s expectations of what PA will do?
  • Expected number of patients to be seen each day?
  • How will the physician and PA interact?
    How will supervision be provided?
    Availability of physician?
  •  Relationship to others in the office?
  • Other responsibilities in the practice?
    Quality assurance, in-service training
    Development of policies/procedures
    Handling of Equipment
    Supervisory Roles
  • Number of hospitals where physician is privileged?
    Will PA be privileged there too?
    PA’s hospital responsibilities?
    Is hospital committee work required? Possible?
  • Number of nursing homes where the physician follows patients?
    PA’s nursing home responsibilities?


  • Necessary paperwork filed with the state licensing board?
    Who is responsible for submitting paperwork?
  • State statute / regulations reviewed with the physician?
    Rules / regulations and “gray areas” discussed?
  • Nursing home regulations reviewed?
  • Probationary period?
  • Written contract provided?
  • Physician’s malpractice policy type and coverage reviewed with PA?
    PA’s malpractice policy type and coverage discussed and acquired?
    Is tail coverage provided, if needed?
  • Provision in contract for re-negotiation in event of expanded responsibilities, workload increase, reduction in services, etc.?


  • Malpractice coverage—types, limits of liability?
    Personal, AAPA endorsed occurrence policy?
    Personal claims made policy with tail coverage?
    Rider on physician’s policy?
  • Health insurance provided? For dependents?
  • Dental insurance provided? For dependents?
  • Life insurance?
  • Disability insurance?


  • Annual leave?
  • Paid holidays?
  • Sick leave?
  • Family / maternity leave?
  •  Unpaid leave policy?
  • Number of paid jury days?

Professional Expenses Covered

  • Certification exam expense?
  • Recertification exam expense?
  • Annual PA conference expense?
  • State Chapter CME conference expense?
  • CME program expenses?
    Dollar amount available?
    Number of paid days off for CME?
  • AAPA annual membership dues?
  • PSPA annual membership dues?
  • Professional activity in local, state, and national PA organizations permitted?
  • Coverage of malpractice insurance?
  • State license/ certification fees?
  • Credentialing fees?


  • Hourly wages or base salary?
    How often reviewed?
  • Partnership available?
  • Bonus plan available?
  • Profit sharing available?
  • Pension provided?
  • Additional compensation for on-call?
  • Reimbursement of expenses?
    Travel to hospital, nursing homes, between offices or distant offices?
    Professional equipment?
    Moving expenses to start new job?

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