The Treasurer shall:

  • Be elected by the membership as a voting member of the Board of Directors
  • Be a PSPA / AAPA member in good standing
  • Maintain accurate records of the financial status of the Society
  • Deposit all money received by the Society in to the Society’s account
  • Pay all bills approved buy the Board of Directors and record all receipts for those payments
  • Submit an annual financial report at least two weeks prior to the general membership meeting
  • Oversee the preparation of the Society’s annual budget
  • File Income Tax return at the end of each fiscal year
  • Send out 1099 Forms as per IRS instructions at the end of each calendar year

The Treasurer shall:

  • Review all information presented for discussion at the Board of Directors meetings prior to the meeting and come adequately prepared to discuss those items
  • Submit quarterly financial report to the Board of Directors two weeks prior to the Board of Directors Meeting
  • Keep the Board of Directors advised of the status of income and expenditures in relationship to the Society’s annual budget

The Treasurer shall:

  • Serve as the Chairperson for the Finance Committee
  • Act as a Board Advisor to the Financial Affairs Division of the Society
  • Be familiar with the minutes for the committees for which he or she acts as Board Advisor
  • Oversee that each committee under his or her supervision meets the goals as outlined in the Society’s Action Plan
  • Encourage that all committees under his or her supervision to submit a report two weeks prior to each Board of Directors meeting

The Treasurer shall:

  • Miss no more than one Board of Directors meeting per year
  • Attend meetings of those committees for which he or she acts as a Board Advisor
  • Attend any strategic planning sessions of the Society

This position requires approximately 15-20 hours per month to fulfill its duties

Reviewed/Revised 4/5/08; 7/25/15; 7/23/16

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Interested in Becoming the PSPA Treasurer?

For more information about the PSPA Treasurer position please contact the Elections Committee.